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The easiest way the manage your lodge.

The Order of the Arrow has developed a new system for managing lodge membership in an easy, yet powerful way. OA LodgeMaster allows multiple members of your lodge leadership to access and edit lodge membership information at the same time. And it handles more that just membership information; OA LodgeMaster can track everything from service hours to event attendance to finances, and help you manage all aspects of your lodge from attaining Journey To Excellence to printing membership cards.
  • Access the full online version of the Lodge Client.
  • View and update members, events, units, and more.
  • Download the offline version for use without internet.
  • View all documentation for the Lodge Client.
  • Chat with other users in the forums.
  • Submit a support request to the OA LodgeMaster team.

Latest News

Lodge Client
Version 3.3.1 Released
09/22/2014 - The latest release of the OA LodgeMaster Lodge Client contains 2 improvements and corrects 12 bugs. More
Lodge Client
Version 3.3.0 Released
07/24/2014 - The latest release of the OA LodgeMaster Lodge Client contains 1 improvement and corrects 5 bugs. The release also includes 2 new features - a new ceremonies module and the ability to send emails to event attendees from event manager. More
Lodge Client
Version 3.2.3 Released
06/10/2014 - The latest release of the OA LodgeMaster Lodge Client corrects 6 bugs from the previous release. More

Getting Started

Is your lodge not yet using OA LodgeMaster? Want to simplify the management of your lodge data? Click here to see the benefits of OA Lodgemaster and learn about migrating.

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